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Christian Names for Girls Starting with R

Girls Christian names origin

A popular Jewish name that means ‘sheep’. The wife of Jacob bore this name.


The Spanish form of ‘Rachel’.


The female form of ‘Raymond’.


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Originates from the Hebrew name ‘Rebekah’. The wife of Isaac bore this name. Its meaning is uncertain.


This name originates from a Latin word which means ‘queen’. It is derived from a title of the Virgin Mary.


A French name derived from the Latin meaning ‘born again’.


Originates from a Greek word which means ‘rose’. It was the name of minor biblical character (Acts 12:13)


The female form of ‘Richard’.


Originally, a short form of ‘Margarita’ which is the Spanish form of ‘Margaret’. Now it is an independent name of its own.


The female form of ‘Roberto’ which is the Latin for ‘Robert’.


Originates from the Latin word ‘rosa’ which means ‘rose’. There was a couple of saints of this name a few centuries ago.


A name which came about a couple of centuries ago. It is a compound name combining the names ‘Rose’ and ‘Mary’.


A variant of ‘Rose’.


A name of a biblical character, however, its meaning is not known.

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