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The Miracles of Jesus

Jesus performed many miracles.  This is a list of Jesus’ miracles with bible references.

Miracles of Jesus

Bible Reference

The water changed into wine  John 2:1-11
Healing of a nobleman’s son     John 4:46-54
Healing of a sick man          John 5:1-9
Healing of a man who was born blind     John 9:1-41
Raising Lazarus    John 11:1-44
The hundred and fifty three fish John 21:1-11
Walking on the sea  John 6:19-21
Feeding five thousand hungry people John 6:5-13
Freeing a man’s soul which was possessed by demons Luke 4:33-35
Healing of Simon’s mother in law Luke 4:38-39

The enormous catch of fish

Luke 5:1-11
Healing of a leper Luke 5:12-13
Healing of a man who was paralyzed Luke 5:18-25
The restoration of the withered hand Luke 6:6-10

Healing of a centurion’s slave

Luke 7:1-10
The raise of a widow’s son Luke 7:11-15
The storm Luke 8:22-25
Freeing Legion from the evil spirits Luke 8:27-35
Healing of Jairus’ daughter Luke 8:41-56
Healing of a woman with hemorrhage   Luke 8:43-48
Freeing a boy’s soul which was seized by demons Luke 9:38-43
Healing a dumb demon possessed man   Luke 11:14
Healing a crippled woman     Luke 13:11-13
Healing a man with dropsy       Luke 14:1-4
Healing ten lepers                          Luke 17:11-19
Healing of a blind man                   Luke 18:35-43

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Healing of a slave’s ear                    Luke 22:50-51
Healing of two blind men                          Matthew 9:27-31
Healing of a dumb demon possessed man          Matthew 9:32-33
Healing of the Canaanite girl who was seized by demons       Matthew 15:21-28
Feeding four thousand hungry people         Matthew 15:32-38
The money in the fish’s mouth           Matthew 17:24-27
The withering of the fig tree                  Matthew 21:18-22
Healing a deaf and mute man                               Mark 7:31-37
Healing a blind man                                  Mark 8:2-26

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