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Christian Names Dictionary    

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Selecting a Christian name or a Bible name for your baby is an important decision for parents.  The chosen Christian name or Bible name can affect the child's perception of itself and of others.  It reflects both the beliefs and the culture of the parents.

For 2000 years, Christian parents have been selecting baby names after characters in the Bible.  Now at the turn of the twenty first century,  this ancient tradition reflecting our great Christian  heritage is fading away as new fashionable baby names have appeared.  This Christian Names dictionary provided by JesusAnswers.com will help parents select appropriate Christian baby names and  allow you to find :
All the traditional names for boys & girls in use today
The origin and meaning for every name.
The different spelling of Christian names ( if applicable )
Each name's connection with the Christian faith.
Christian Names alphabetical index - please select a letter below


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