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The privacy policy below explains in detail how we collect and use information about our users. We take your privacy very seriously. We won't rent, sell, or loan any information about you. We only provide information in aggregate to our advertisers -- never individual information. You're safe with us. takes your trust - and your right to privacy - very seriously. The following privacy policy outlines for your review the type of information we gather - and how we use it - from members, registered users and visitors of and related areas (email newsletters, Web hosting, and so on). gathers two types of information:
  1. Registration data, which you provide directly in order to receive optional access to certain services or site areas and which may or may not require both demographic information (name, email address, zip code, age, and so on) and preference information (username, password, desired newsletters, and so on),
  2. Usage information, which is automatically provided by each user's browser for each page requested on our site (commonly referred to as web site log data).

Registration Data

This data is analyzed and presented as appropriate to third parties such as advertisers only in an aggregate form, primarily for the purpose of supporting the free provision of content and services at via the most appropriate and relevant advertising messaging possible. Select partners who provide individualized services such as Fee Email Service or Free Web hosting Service to users receive individual data as necessary to provide their services and only when such data is provided directly by our users. and said partners may only disclose to other third parties certain aggregate information contained in users' registration applications. Neither nor partners will disclose any individual user's name, address, e-mail address or telephone number without such user's prior consent, except to the extent necessary or appropriate to comply with applicable laws or in legal proceedings where such information is relevant. does not knowingly accept or use personal profile information from children 12 years old or younger.

Usage (Log) Data

We gather and analyze users' current Internet Protocol (IP) addresses -- an address typically assigned to individual browsers by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) -- to help with a variety of site management issues, none of which allow us to connect your IP address with your personal identity. For example, we use log data to:

  • diagnose problems with our server,
  • evaluate the sources of our user traffic (ie. where site visitors clicked from to reach us),
  • determine traffic patterns through our site (to build better internal links and improve your ability to find what you want),
  • understand and optimize our site for the broadest selection of browser types (again, to improve your experience).


Our site may use cookies to improve our general recognition of repeat visitors and to simplify your experience while you're visiting us. Cookies are electronic "tags" we place on your browser to help our servers recognize you; while you're on our site, cookies help insure things like:

  • you don't see the same ads repeatedly,
  • you can get customized (ie. selected by you) information without having to ask for it every visit,
  • you only have to log-in once - when it's even necessary - when you visit certain "members-only" areas,
  • and so on.

Occasionally, our advertisers and out partners will also place cookies on your browser when you click on their ads from our site. This enables them to track the effectiveness of their ads. In most cases, cookies will only be placed when the ad is served to the page you're viewing. In no case will any advertiser receive specific registration data for any user as a result of cookies or any other agreement with without your prior explicit consent. (note: accepting a cookie does not constitute consent for providing personal registration data). 

Finally, cookies provide us with no information about who you are or where you go on the Internet when you are not at our site.

Opt-In acquires no personal or registration data about our users except what you explicitly and voluntarily provide (ie. opt-in). We reserve the right to use this information specifically for the purposes related to your registration and generally for any necessary future communication regarding your registration or status.

Correcting and updating

User registration data can be corrected or updated by going to our respective members services area for both the free email service and free web hosting services.


To delete or deactivate an account, a user must send an email using the Feedback form provided.



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