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Christian Names for Boys

Christian Names for Boys

Damian (Damien)

The name is thought to originate from Greek and usually make us think of Father Damien who was a missionary.  Several saints also bear this name in the middle ages.


This Hebrew name is that of Jacob's son by Bilhah.  It means in Hebrew 'he judged'.  It is sometimes used as a short for Daniel.


This biblical name is that of Daniel the prophet.  His story is told in the Book of Daniel.  Another biblical character bearing this name is the son of David and Abigail.  It is a Hebrew word and it means 'God is my judge'.

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King David, the most famous to bear this name was the King of Judah and Israel.   One of his titles was 'beloved to God'.  This Hebrew word means 'beloved'.   His story is mentioned in the Old Testament.  A number of saints bear this name.

Dennis (also Denis)

A large number of saints bear this popular Christian name.  This word is believed to originate from Greek.


This name originates from Latin and means 'belonging to God'.  It is very popular among Roman Catholics but it's use is becoming gradually more general.  A number of saints bear this name, most notably St Dominic, who founded the order of the Preachers.


This name of one Scottish saint.  This Scottish word means 'Master of the earth'.


The Archbishop of Canterbury bear this name.  It originates from old English and it means 'dark stone'.

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