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Christian Names for Boys Starting with E

Christian Names for Boys


This word appears in the Bible (1 Samuel 7:12).  It is the name of the stone that Samuel elevated to celebrate victory over the philistines.  It is a Hebrew word that means 'the stone of help'.


This Hebrew word means 'delight'.  It is found in the bible (Genesis 2:8).  This names is used by both sexes.


St Edgar was the King of England in the 10th century AD.  This name comes from an old English name.



A number of famous saints and priests held this name.  It originates from an old English name and it means 'wealthy custodian '.  The French form is Edmond.


This name was a very popular during the Middle Ages in Europe.  A number of catholic martyr, several notable saints, and a few Kings borne this name.   It comes from old English and it means 'successful leader'.


This name is found in the Holy Bible, it is of the priest who cared for the prophet Samuel.    It is a Hebrew word meaning 'height'.



This Hebrew word was common name in the Middle Ages.  The name of the remarkable prophet in the Holy Bible.  Variations are found in French and other Languages such as 'Elley', 'Elliot', 'Elie' and 'Elias'.

Emanuel (also written Emmanuel)

One of the six names that refer to Christ in the book of Isaiah (Isaiah 7:14).  It means 'God with us'.  It is also written Immanuel.

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This name is Hebrew and the exact meaning is not known.  It is found in the bible in (Gen. 4:16) and (Gen. 5:18), and two biblical characters borne this name.


This Hebrew name of the second son of Joseph.  It is found in the Holy bible in (Gen. 41:52). 


A northern Scandinavian name of the King of Sweden St Eric who ruled in the 12th century AD.  It means 'Strong Leader'.


This Hebrew name is found in the bible of two minor biblical characters.   It means 'Loyal '.


Four popes and more than ten saints borne this old French name.  It means 'of noble family'.


This name is derived from Greek where it means 'flourishing'.  It was borne by a number of saints in the Middle Ages.


In Babylon, three prophets of this name were among the captive Israelites.   This Hebrew name means "God make me stronger'.

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