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Boys Christian Names Starting with G

Christian Names for Boys


The biblical name of God's messenger, the angel who was sent to Mary (Luke 1:26), Zechariah (Luke 1:19) and Daniel (Daniel 8:16).  It is a Hebrew name and it means 'God's man'.

Goeffrey (Shortened Geoff)

see Jeffrey.


The most famous of this name is St. George who was a martyr in Palestine.  This popular name has many variations such as 'Yuri' in Russian and 'Giorgio' in Italian.   A number of this saints bore this name.


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Gerald & Gerard

These name are of German origin.  A number of saints bore these name in the Middle Ages, however Gerard was more popular


This biblical name is that of son of Joash (Judge. 6:11).  Joash was the Israelites leader in their fight against the Midianites.  This Hebrew name means 'the destroyer'. 


A few of saints are of this name.  It is of German origin and it means 'deep promise'.


This names originates from Greek and it means 'infant goat'.  Several saints are of this name.


This names is of German origin and it means 'God's peace'.


One pope and more than thirty saints are of this name.  It originates from Latin and it means 'the watchful'. 


This name originates from Latin and it means 'life'. 

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