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Christian Names for Boys Starting with J 

Christian names


This name is a form of John.  See John.


One the greatest figures of the old Testament is the Patriarch   Jacob.  Jacob is the English version of the Hebrew name. This is also the name of two of Christ's Apostles, but the translators gave them the variation 'James' in the new Testament.


This is the name of two of Christ's Apostles and the Patriarch Jacob.  The Apostles are St James the brother of Jesus and St James the son of Zebedee.


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This Christian name appeared in the Bible (Acts 17:5-9).  It originates from Greek and it means 'healer'.

Jasper (also written Gasper)

This name was given to one of the Magi that visited the child Jesus.  It originates from Persian and means 'treasurer'.


This biblical name is from Hebrew and means 'God's friend'.  It appears in (2 Sam. 12:25).


This name is of German origin and means 'heavenly peace'.  Short form is Jeff.


This biblical name is that of the prophet Jeremiah.  This Hebrew word means 'highest-ranking given by God'.  The English name of this name is Jeremy.


See Jeremiah above.



This name originates from Greek where it means 'holy name'.  A number of saints held this name in the middle Ages.


This name appeared in the Bible (1 Sam. 16) and is the name of King David's father.   It is a Hebrew name and means 'the present of God'.


This name appeared in (Exodus 4:18) and is the name of the father in law of Moses.   It is a Hebrew name and it means ' perfection'.


This biblical  name is that of the of Mary's father. 


This biblical name is found in the bible.  It is a Hebrew name and means 'The Lord is God'. 


This name was borne two famous biblical figures.  The first is  John the Baptist, the cousin of Jesus and the second is John who wrote the fourth Gospel.  This name gained great popularity among Christians.  Attesting to that the large number of popes and saints bearing this name.  Different variation of this name exist in French 'Jean' and other European languages.  A common variation is Johnny.  The name John originates from Hebrew and it means 'God is gracious'.        


This Hebrew name is that of King Saul's son.  It is a Hebrew name and means 'God's offering'.


This Hebrew name is that of the Jordan River.  The Jordan River lies in the easter part of the Holy land and flows south to the Dead Sea.  This Hebrew name means 'flowing downward'.


This popular Christian name was that of Jacob's favorite son (Gen. 37).  This Hebrew name means 'God will give more'.

Joshua ( shortened form Josh)

The name Jesus is the Greek version of the Hebrew name Joshua.  The meaning is found in Matthew 1:12 ' You are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins'.  Joshua, who guided the Israelites the Promised land also bore this name.


The name of two biblical characters (Zech. 6:10 and 2 Kgs 22).  This name is of Hebrew origin.


This name was borne by many saints in Europe.  It originates from Latin but it's meaning in unknown.


Three popes were of this name.  This name was also borne by the famous roman emperor Julius Caesar.


This name is of Latin origin and means 'just' or 'fair'.

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