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Christian Names for Girls


bible names girls


The origin of this name is from the Hebrew meaning ‘father be delighted’. One of king David’s wives bore this name. Abbie is a shortened form of Abigail.


From the German meaning ‘kind’. There was a number of saints with this name, the most significant of which, was the widow of the Roman Emperor, Otto.


This name means ‘noble’ and originates from German.


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The origin of this word is Greek ‘Agathe’ meaning good. This was the name of a famous third century saintly woman who was highly regarded in the Eastern as well as the Western Church.


The name of a popular fourth century saint, St Agnes. It comes from the Greek name ‘Hagne’ meaning ‘pure’. This name is very widespread throughout Christian Europe.


Stems from the French ‘aimer’ which means ‘to love’. The name ‘Aimee’ is an altered form which means ‘beloved’.


The female form of ‘Albert’.


The name originates from Latin and it means ‘White’.

Alex (Alexa) / Alexandra (Alexandria)

The female form of Alexander.


The female form of Alexis.


An alternate form of ‘Adelaide’. Other forms of this name that were used in the twelfth century England and France were ‘Alicia’ and ‘Alesia’.


Another form of ‘Alice’.


This word originates from the Greek word ‘Anastasios’ meaning ‘resurrection’. Two popes and more than twenty saints bore this name.


The female form of ‘Andrew’.


From the Greek word ‘Angelos’ meaning ‘messenger of God’.


Derived from the name ‘Angel’.


A form of ‘Angela’.  A shortened form of ‘Angela’.

Ann (Anna, Anne)

Originally comes from the Hebrew ‘Hanna’. Other forms of ‘Ann’ include ‘Annie’ and ‘Anita’ which is from the Spanish form ‘Ana’ of ‘Ann’. Annette is also a familiar form of ‘Ann’ in France.


The feminine form of ‘Antoine’ which is the French for ‘Anthony’.


The Italian feminine form of ‘Anthony’. A few Italian saintly women bore this name in the fifteenth century.

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