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Christian Names for Boys

Bible names


This name is used mainly by the Roman Catholics.  It is of Latin origin and means 'patriot'.  The most famous saint to bear this name is St Ignatius of Antioch who live in the first century AD.


See Emmanuel.


The name of two biblical characters (Sam. 20:26, 23:26).  This Hebrew word means 'watchful'.


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This word originates from Hebrew and is the name of the promised son of Abraham and Sarah.  Both Jew and Christians honor him as on of the originating patriarchs of the Chosen people


This name in not much in use today.  It originates from Greek and means 'the gift of Isis'.  A number of saints bore this name.

Ivor (Ivar)

The name of a number of Danish kings.  It's origin is not well known.


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