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Christian Names for Boys



The meaning  is not known.  The name of Moses' elder brother who became the High priest of Israel (Exodus 6:13).


The meaning is not known.   The name of the second son of Adam and Eve.  He was murdered by his brother Cain.  (Genesis 4:1-16)  It is not much in use in our time. 


The meaning of this name in Hebrew is 'father of light'.  It is the name of the cousin King Saul (1 Sam. 20:25).  


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The meaning is 'father of multitude' (Genesis 12:1ff).  The name of the parent of the Jewish nation.  A number of saints had this name.


It is possible it originates from Hebrew but exact meaning is not known.  The first man bore this name (Genesis 2:4-24).  Two saints also had this name in the thirteenth century.


This name appeared in the bible in (1 Chr. 27:29).


This is the name of various popes and several saints.  It is believed to have originated from Latin word 'Hadrianus' which means man from Northern Italy.


The name of a number of Saints


It is believed to be both of French and German in origin.  It was the name of many saints throughout the centuries.  It means admirable and noble.


The most famous historical figure having this name is Alexander the Great.  It is found in many places in the bible, and was carried by many saints.


This name is famous in Russia for guys, and for girls in the West.  It is derived from Latin and it means to 'protect' or 'defend'.


This is an old English name meaning wise.  This name is spread in Europe in different forms.


This is a Hebrew name of one of the Old Testament prophets. 

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